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#214 - My Artistic Talent
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, You are the Creator of this amazing universe. You are the Creator of this incredible earth. Mountains. Seas. Plains. Rivers. Lakes. Fields. The millions of species that inhabit Your creation. You are the awesome Creator. You gave Your people the abilities to be creative too. You didn't just give us the senses to marvel at what You've made. You've invited us to make beautiful things ourselves. You gave me artistic talent. Architecture. Carpentry. Ceramics. Drawing. Software. Film. Baking. Glass. Light. Writing. Landscaping. Painting. Acting. Singing. Creating music. Dancing. Printing. Sculpting. Fashion. Knitting. You made me an inventor. You made me a visionary, seeing things that can be but aren't yet. You gave me the ability to come up with creative solutions to problems. Thank You. However, there is a problem. The ability to create feeds into my desire to be my own god. "Look what I made, everyone. Look at how talented I am. Affirm me. Praise me." Father, if You have blessed us with great talent we are going to receive great praise. It is a dangerous place to be when we think well of ourselves. When we think that way, we invite life to give us a reminder about how little we are and how great You are. Adversity stalks a proud heart like a lion stalks an antelope. When we aren't looking, crisis springs upon us and we are in its teeth. We forgot that all our talent comes as a gift from You. We forgot that our creativity is a celebration of how You have designed the human mind. Father, may I honor and glorify You with the amazing creative talent You have given me. However, help me stay humble. May I praise You, the living God who made it all possible. I ask that the creative gifts You have given me give You glory and lead others to surrender their hearts and mind to You. Amen.

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