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#215 - Building Respect in my Profession - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am thankful You are a God of total expertise and competency. Imagine if You were only seventy percent good at creating things. Imagine if You were only eighty-three percent good at controlling nature. Imagine if You were just sixty-five percent good at controlling nations and their leaders. Imagine if You were only seventy-four percent good at transforming people's lives. Imagine if You were only fifty-seven percent good at rescuing people from adversity. This world would be in total chaos. Humans would not be complete. Maybe our brains would only be half developed. Maybe all of us would see with blurred vision. Snow storms would happen on warm summer days. Tyrants would run across the earth and there would be no stop to them. People would never grow, never mature, and never heal. You are the God of one hundred percent competency. You are the complete expert on everything one must do to be God of a universe. I was created in Your image. I should be an expert in my chosen profession. I should know the business inside and out. I should be an authority. Father, help me to achieve expertise and total competency in my profession. Help me not to accept seventy, eighty-three, sixty-five, seventy-four or fifty-seven percent competency. Father, teach me everything I need to know about what it is that I do. Help me to have not just knowledge of information but also wisdom. Help me to understand relationships, cause and effect, and trends. Help me to know processes. Help me to know definitions and help me to explain the profession in astounding ways. Father, let me never accept anything less than excellence. After all, I am made in Your image. Amen.

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