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#216 - Building Respect in my Profession - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, people in business are motivated by self-interests. Power. Influence. Money. Market share. Healthy market competition is good. Defrauding customers is not. Unethical business executives misrepresent their products and services. They cut corners to produce inferior goods and raise their prices. They are cruel to their employees. They take advantage of unskilled labor. They manipulate paperwork to deceive investors. Those who do business unethically have a god; it is money. They worship money. They crave money. They depend upon money. Money gives them all they need. They worry about not having enough money. Father, such attitudes certainly come from a rejection of Your authority. Your Word teaches us to do our business with integrity, generosity, compassion, and mercy. Father, I don't want to get ahead by being deceitful. I don't want to get ahead by taking advantage of people. I don't want to get ahead by being selfish, cruel, or thoughtless. I don't want to take the last dollar from someone's wallet. Father, I want my reputation in this industry to be based on my godly character. I want people to see the fruits of the Holy Spirit in me. Because of my ethics, I may not end up wealthy. I may scrape just enough to get by, having invested much of my assets into offering help to people in need. However, I'd rather go to my grave poor knowing I was honorable, honest, true, just, pure, and virtuous in business than to go to my grave rich having nobody's respect. Father, I surrender my life to You. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and may His light shine through me to my employees, customers, and the leaders in my industry. Amen.

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