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#218 - Board of Directors of Charity
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, thank You for the honor to be on the board of directors of a charity. It is an opportunity to help the leaders guide and direct a ministry that was formed to care for people in need. The directors will need to oversee the executive team. We will need to oversee the budget. We will need to help the organization make connections with influential people. We will be asked to share our wisdom and expertise. Father, help me to be an effective director. Help me to be committed. Help me to volunteer my time as often as I can. Help me to support the charity through donations. Help me to be faithful to attend and contribute to meetings. Help me to know the charity inside and out. Help me to help the team to make wise decisions. Help me to make valuable connections for the ministry. Help me to support their fundraising campaigns. Father, I ask that this charity will be effective changing lives. Please help the charity to foster inspiring stories of lives transformed. Father, I have many roles in life - father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, neighbor, and employee. I am also a director. I pray that in all that I do I pursue excellence, giving it my best effort. May I be the best director for this charity that I can possibly be. May I not give them anything less. Amen.

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