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#221 - I Need to Get into Better Physical Shape
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am not in physical shape. I am overweight. I get out of breath when I do minimal exercise. My muscles have lost their tone. I have weakened my body by not eating right and by not exercising. I have aches and pains on every limb. Why does this matter? My ministry depends upon my health. I need to walk, run, carry, or lift. I need to keep up with a busy schedule, a schedule that keeps me moving frequently from one location to another. Father, I have moments when I am ashamed of my physical appearance. I lose confidence because the world's value system is loud in my thoughts. Father, let's say I die early of a malady that could have been prevented. Did I die when You wanted me to or was my life, ministry, and service to You shortened because I didn't take care of the body You gave me? Father, I don't want to put any unnecessary limitations to the effectiveness and length of my ministry on earth. I'm asking You to help me get into better physical shape. I want to give You my very best for a long time. Amen.

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