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#220 - Leading a Meeting
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am to lead a meeting. Honestly, I hate meetings. A productive meeting seems as rare as a white Christmas in the south. When I attend a meeting, I ask myself why was the meeting necessary? Couldn't we have done this by phone or email? Couldn't this meeting have been completed in less than three minutes? Father, most people come unprepared to a meeting. Most people have other things they'd rather be doing. Most people surf the Internet when the presenter is speaking. People who can go a half-day without going to the bathroom suddenly must go every thirty minutes in a meeting. People agree to bad ideas just to get the meeting over with. I don't want my meeting to be like this. Father, I need You. You are God and I am not. Should I schedule the meeting? Who should attend? Who should be invited? Please prepare the attendee's heart and mind for the meeting. I need to You to help me set a clear agenda and goals for the meeting. I need You to help me prepare each person for their contribution to the meeting. I need You to help me be concise and word efficient, getting right to the point, respecting people's time. I need You to move the attendees to act because of the decisions agreed to in the meeting. I need You to help me effectively summarize what was accomplished in the meeting. I need You to help me thank the attendees after the meeting. I need You to help me apologize to the attendees if the meeting wasn't productive. I will make the next meeting better. Father, I can give all things to You, including my leadership of an upcoming meeting. Amen.

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