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#228 - My Heart is Corrupt, God
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, help me. I know the truth. I know You are God and I am not. I know I doubt You when I shouldn't. I know I make other things more important than You. I know I shouldn't do these things. However, I so easily fall back into that pattern. It comes naturally. It's engrained in me. I can spend time close to You, walking by faith and living obediently. However, during all the spiritual blessings that come from that, I'll rebel. I'll want to be my own god again. I enjoy untold blessings from You and then I doubt Your goodness. I can relish the peace and joy of being wholly committed to You and then I'll end up worshipping money, fame, power, sex, or something else. Father, it is so clear - I must come before You every day seeking forgiveness for my rebellion. I must come before You every day asking for victory over temptation. Yes, I have an enemy who whispers temptations into my ears, especially when I'm walking closer with You. However, my own sinful nature is enough to lead me into rebellion. Father, please forgive me. Please protect me - from evil and from my own heart. Amen.

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