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#241 - I Lack Discipline - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I cannot trust myself. I have tried a billion times to discipline myself. New Year's resolutions. Time management techniques. Calendars. Agendas. Alarms on my phone. Post-it notes around the house. Rubber bands around my wrist. Self-help books. Meditation. Hypnosis. Nothing works. I cannot control myself. I cannot change my routine. I cannot change my habits. My good intentions mean nothing when my subconscious instincts are in the driver's seat. Father, how on earth do we humans expect to change our society when we can't change ourselves? Father, I need You to change me. Find out what's broken in me and fix it. I need the true living God, the God for which nothing is impossible, to do what is impossible for me to do. However, I must first confess my rebellion to You and repent by surrendering my life to You. Father, I am a rebel from You. I ask that my rebellion was paid for by Jesus Christ. Please make the changes in me that I cannot make for myself. Amen.

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