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#244 - I Am Intimidated - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am intimidated by doing something that I know You want me to do. It's not outside Your will. For example, it certainly is Your will that I share my faith with a dear friend. However, I'm intimidated to do so. Why? Father, it's because I'm trying to do this by my own strength. Sure, it's something I want to do for You. It's something I want to do for them. Those are both wonderful motivations. However, when it comes down to getting the thing done, I'm relying on myself. I have not asked You for inspiration, ideas, words, or opportunities. In other situations, I didn't ask You for strength, resources, knowledge, wisdom, or connections. I set out to go across the sea to serve You in another continent. I'm trying to navigate my small raft over large waves but don't ask You to join me on the journey. It's intimidating to do scary things without the God of the universe by my side. Father, feeling intimidated may be a sign that I am trying to be my own god, doing something by my own strength, even if I'm trying to accomplish something good. Father, join me in every task I need to get done. Be my partner. Let's split up the tasks. You do what only God can do. I'll do what a human serving God can do. Amen.

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