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#253 - Life in Suburbia and the God of Everything
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I live in a suburban community. Single family homes. Small plots of land. Homogenous communities. Higher standards of living. Commuting. Less population density. More open space. Mixed use communities. Retail and restaurant chains. Shopping malls. Father, we often neglect to consider that You understand every topic under the sun more than any human. You know more than any expert on the planet about suburban sprawl, regional transportation, and cul-de-sacs. However, we assume that topics we deal with in our business and industry each day are outside of Your jurisdiction or interest. What does God have to do with living in suburbia? We think there are things in our lives that have nothing to do with inquiring of You or coming before You in prayer. Father, You are the God of everything. Every topic under the sun. There is no committee You shouldn't be on. You are the subject matter expert in every discussion. Forgive me for disrespecting Your authority. Father, give me wisdom and understanding for how to live in a suburban setting. There are unique challenges in such a community that are not prevalent in urban or rural communities. I need You each day to help and direct me to be the man or woman of God You want me to be as I live in suburbia. Amen.

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