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#254 - I'm Traveling for Work
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I will be traveling for work. I don't want to take my life for granted. I don't want to make any assumptions that tomorrow I will travel here and there and do this and that. Your Word tells us to be careful speaking that way. We do not know what a day may bring. Father, if it is Your will the plane will land safely. If it is Your will the train will pull into the station without accident. If it is Your will there will be no incident in the hotel. If it is Your will I will have safety driving a car. Father, I understand You have given us free will to obey You or to disobey You. This means other people may choose to be reckless or flat out evil and my life may be at risk. Father, all I can do is to ask You to watch over me and keep me away from evil and human carelessness as I travel. I ask that You keep man-made equipment functioning, keep strong and healthy all those who are responsible for transporting me, and keep nature from causing me harm. Father, since I surrendered my life to You, I know that nothing will happen to me that will not make me emotionally and spiritually stronger. I know that if You still have purposes for my life, I will survive this trip. Thank You for being with me everywhere and always. Amen.

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