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#264 - I Need to Make Habits of Good Activities
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am easily distracted. I'm distracted by people. I'm distracted by circumstances. I'm distracted by my own thoughts and feelings. I'm distracted by urgent tasks. I have noble plans and honorable goals. However, they soon are derailed by the distractions and crises of daily living. I get caught up in something and then suddenly the day is over and I never worked on my plans and goals. Weeks pass. Months pass. Years pass. Father, since it is so difficult for me to focus on my non-urgent but high priority tasks, I ask You to help me make them a habit. In other words, I don't want prayer time to be on a to-do list. I want it to come naturally to me. I want my brain to think "It's 7:00 am. Time to pray." Father, please help me to find a regular time to do each of the good things You've called me to do. Help me to persevere, doing those things at the same time each day until they become habits. Father, I want to discipline my heart and mind, training myself to do what You want me to do. I cannot do that without You. You are the God who transforms me. I am not that god. Amen.

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