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#269 - I Work Multiple Jobs
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I work multiple jobs to survive. I rush home after my 9-5 job, grab a quick bite to eat, and then I head out to my second job. I get home late at night, brush my teeth, and then get into bed for a few hours of sleep before I start the routine all over again. Father, life is difficult. There are hardships. The economy. My spouse left me for another partner. I have medical bills I could not afford on one job alone. My children have college tuition bills. Father, a responsible person does what they need to do to pay their bills. They work all the harder. They make sacrifices. They persevere. Day after day. Father, how do we do that and do that well? We don't have that kind of strength on our own. That strength comes from You. Your strength comes only when we have surrendered our hearts and lives to You. You can do incredible things through broken people who simply surrender their lives to You. Father, forgive me for my rebellion in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me to repent. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and He will give me the endurance I need to get through all this. And I know this - my God will deliver. He will one day ease my suffering. There will be relief, financial relief. My season of two jobs will end because You will have other things for me to do in my evenings. There will be lives to touch with the faith You have given me. Father, good night. Another 16-hour day tomorrow. I'm thankful You are there every hour with me. Amen.

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