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#270 - Chores Around the Home
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I need to do the laundry. Wash the dishes. Mop the floor. Vacuum the carpets. Wash the dog. Cut the lawn. Pull the weeds out of the garden. Bake a cake for the PTO. And then, I can have breakfast and start the day. Father, work. It never ends. It's always there. There is always another job to do. Father, thank You. There is something very special about unending work. Perseverance. You don't quit. You just keep going. You never shout, "I can't do this anymore." Well, Father, we might shout that but then we get right back to work anyway. Why is perseverance so important? Why does Your Word speak of perseverance with such esteem? Our life is one non-stop battle for our heart and mind. From our first to our last breath, we are in a fight for our soul. Who will we follow? God or ourselves? God or a false god? Who will have the victory today? God or the devil. How about tomorrow? The day after? Perseverance is never quitting on our commitment to follow You. Never quitting. Hard work that never seems to end teaches us perseverance. Hard work is a blessing. Thank You. Amen.

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