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#291 - I Have Problems to Solve
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have had problems in my life. A catastrophe or two. A few disasters. Many more frustrations. A treasure chest of petty annoyances. Father, I don't have what it takes to solve my own problems. I don't have the character that You have. I don't have the resources that You have. I don't have the influence that You have. I don't have the wisdom that You have. Whatever fires I'm attending to today means I'm neglecting other things in my life, a fact that will only spark new fires tomorrow. As sure as the sun rises once more tomorrow morning, I will have new problems again. Father, help. Here. Take them. This one. This pile. Oh, this one over here. Can I pile on? Oh, that's right, You are God. You can take it. Can I dump a truck load of my problems on Your front lawn? It might stink a little but I know You can handle it. Father, help me with my problems. I will wait upon You to solve them in Your own way and in Your own time. However, it all must begin with confession of my rebellion. I am guilty. Help me to serve only one master - You. I may have these problems because I try to serve myself. Ugh. Thank You for taking these burdens from me. May I walk in thankful obedience to You from this day forward. Amen.

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