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#292 - I'm Worried I Might Lose the Case
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I'm worried I might lose the case. I'm fighting for what I believe to be right. Truth. Biblical truth. Righteous truth. My opponents are vigorously seeking to discredit me. They are fighting me every step of the way. They want what is false to be victorious. Father, I'm scared. However, I know that truth is always victorious. Always. On every occasion. The lie might appear to win but it is a mirage. Truth always wins the battle and the war. Therefore, truth does not need to worry about the outcome of a case. God does not lose His cases. Circumstances will always prove God right. A puppet court may falsely accuse a man or woman and send them to prison. Has truth failed? No. Every person who falsely accused that person will one day know they were wrong. They will know the truth. Either in this world or the next. They will appear before You, the Judge of mankind. The falsely accused prisoner? He will be vindicated in this world or the next. Truth always wins. Every time. Therefore, I don't have to worry about the outcome of this trial. You are the perfect defense attorney, the perfect prosecuting attorney, the perfect jury, and the perfect judge. My case, defending Your truth, will be proclaimed victorious by the angels of heaven. It is inevitable. Help me believe it. May my pursuit of the truth, in Your name, lead someone to faith in You. May it inspire others. Amen.

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