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#293 - Buying a Home
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we are planning to buy a house. This is a huge commitment. It will impact us for years. Do we know what is going to happen in years to come with the economy? Will we lose our jobs? Are there teachers at the local school who will be difficult for our children? Are we moving into a neighborhood with bullies? Are the terms of our mortgage going to entrap us? Are the churches in the area spiritually stagnant or in decline? Father, You know our new home, our new neighborhood, and our future. We don't. You are God and we are not. Therefore, we need You to make this decision for us. Give us wisdom to accurately assess the information we have. Protect us from the threats we don't see. Guide us to the right purchase. Wherever we live, we ask that we spiritually and emotionally grow and find a place of ministry where we touch lives for You. Amen.

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