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#294 - Selling Our Home
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we humans like to speak of luck. It is this thoughtless and emotionless statistical randomness that determines outcomes in our lives. Chance. The aligning of the stars. The roll of the dice. Father, this line of thinking often is exposed when we put our house on the market. We talk about the luck of an upturn in the economy. We talk about the luck of the right buyer just happening to be available to tour the house on the right day. We talk about the luck of the bickering couple next door not screaming and throwing pots and pans at each other when the prospective buyer toured the house. We talk about the luck of more attractive homes in the neighborhood not being for sale at the same time. We talk about the luck of that crazy light switch happened to work when the buyer checked out the laundry room. We talk about the luck of no reports of crime in the neighborhood in the news the night before the buyer puts in an offer. Father, none of this is luck. This is all the sovereignty of God. This is about it being Your plan for our house to sell because You have purposes for us to move to another place. You have people for us to touch in another neighborhood. You have work for us to do in another city. You aren't going to sit back and become a frustrated spectator, wishing the house would sell so we can get on with Your work in another place. You are going to make it happen. Father, the house will sell if You want it to sell. The house won't sell if You don't want it to sell. You are in control. May Your will be done as we put our house on the market. What happens next will be Your will revealed. Amen.

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