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#298 - I Received a Job Offer
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I received a job offer. That means it is Your will. ... Er, huh, right? I tend to think like every other human being. Just because something happens we presume it must be Your will. Father, I do have an enemy (the devil). He does not want my life to honor You. He does not want me to do the things You have called me to do. He wants me to get derailed. He wants me to get sidetracked. He wants me to get lost. He wants me to get caught up in something else. He may try to defeat me by telling me how worthless I am. He may try to defeat me by dysfunction and crisis in my personal life. He may try to defeat me by getting me to believe I should have been born someone or something else. He may try to defeat me by telling me how bad You are or how much You don't love me. Or, he may try to defeat me by offering me a job. Let's say You want me to serve on the mission field. My family doesn't understand that calling. They want me to get a good job. Therefore, my enemy tempts me to skip the mission field, take the good job, and please my family. Father, just because something happens in our life does not mean it is Your will. Your Word tells us to inquire of the Lord. What is Your will, Father? What do You want me to do? Is this what You have for me? Should I take this job? Such inquiry is submission to Your authority. It pleases You. It shows a life surrendered to You. You are going to bless that. Guide and direct me miraculously. An unexpected alternative job comes into the picture. A chance meeting with someone else reveals my new supervisor is really a war criminal. Father, I need You to speak to me clearly. I need to know it is Your voice and not just the voice of my enemy. I'm placing my faith in You. Amen.

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