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#299 - Rain Spoils the Beautiful Snow
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, the snow was so beautiful earlier today. A winter wonderland. The snow on the trees, fences, fields, roofs, bushes, and hills was simply breathtaking. However, the snow turned to rain. Now everything is turning to slush. Puddles. Mud. It looks gross. The snow is now too heavy to shovel. The snowbanks are black with road salt from the plows. Cars go by and splash icy water on me. I'd rather have no snow at all than this mess. Father, there is a metaphor in this. We have moments when our lives seem incredibly wonderful. In every direction, we see beauty. Things are going very nice. However, the clouds come in and bring the rain of trouble. It pours adversity. The good news we delighted in yesterday is dampened by the bad news from today. Our lives have been transformed overnight from a delightful Christmas commercial about a sleigh ride to church to a horror movie about possessed reindeers and alien monsters coming down the chimney. Father, good news will come to us. It will be followed by bad news, good news, bad news, and so on. The cycle will continue throughout our lives and throughout the remainder of human life on earth. Father, help me to live in the moment when the scenery is so delightful. Help me to take pictures. Help me to record the feeling. May those mental notes of all things good help me through the bad times that are to come. There will be a blanket of freshly fallen snow that comes again. We will play in it and enjoy it, without any rain in the forecast. And then it will start to melt. Have a great day, Father. Amen.

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