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#316 - My Finances
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there is no god of money. Money does not have ears to hear, eyes to see, words to speak, or arms and legs. Money is powerless and lifeless. It cannot think or decide. It cannot provide or protect. Money is merely an element. Gold. Silver. It is paper made from the bark of trees. It is bytes in a database. Father, who is going to provide for me? You or the money in my bank account? You or my 401K? You or my IRA? You or my real estate portfolio? Father, when the enemy is pounding at the door, whom would I rather have by my side? You or a suitcase of cash? Father, I would rather have the living God at my side. The money cannot save me. My security comes from You alone. What is the only retirement plan that I need? The Lord God Almighty. You will provide all that I need. Father, the truth of the matter is that You want us to trust You in all things and always. That well may mean that we don't see our deliverance until the very last minute (Abraham and Isaac.). You test our hearts. Do we trust You? Really? You ask us where our faith will be if we see no signs of financial deliverance up till the last second. Father, I believe the ultimate place of faith to be in is when we don't have a fallback plan - God will rescue us or we will have nothing. Father, the problem with money is that it is our fallback plan. Sure, we talk of our faith in God. However, we do so with money saved for the future. Our money will deliver and protect us when we are in financial need. Father, I do not believe You will bless our income, assets, or investments when we doubt Your power to provide for us when we have no money at all. Father, I want to be a man or woman of God, trusting You alone for all that I need - today, this month, this year, and in the future. Amen.

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