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#318 - Lending Money - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, someone has come to me and asked to borrow money. Your Word makes it clear - we are to be generous. We are to give to those who ask. We are to give generously to those in need. We are to give without expecting to be paid back. What? Not be paid back? That's crazy. Father, it's a question of faith. Do we believe the Word of God when it says a generous man or woman will be blessed? Do we believe You will provide for us if we give someone in need our last dime? Father, no we don't. We don't really believe You will take care of us. We must save that last dime because when we are in need You will not be there for us. Our money will. Our money is the god who we trust. Father, will we ever be poor because we were obedient to You and we were generous? No. We may have a season of financial hardship but that hardship will be for other reasons. Maybe we have rebelled against You and You are getting our attention. Maybe You need to refine our character. However, we will not be disciplined for being generous to someone in need. Father, should we be generous to anyone who asks? Father, I believe You call us to be generous to those who You are calling to confession and repentance. You call us to be generous to those who are on the verge of surrendering their life to You. You call us to be generous to those who humbly confess they've messed up their lives and they are showing evidence they are turning to You for help. Such people deserve our full support and compassion. Those who refuse to surrender to You? May we see their hearts clearly. May we give them a small gift to give a hint of how You will be the abundantly generous God if they turn their lives over to You. Father, give me the faith to honor You when others ask me for financial help. Amen.

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