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#324 - Tithing - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we offer to help a loved one when we hear they have a need. If their need is financial, we ask that question while getting out our wallets. Father, the motivation to give our money should not be compulsion, a religious requirement, or a mandate. We should give our money because the generosity springs from a deep love for the person in need. Father, I should tithe because I want to. I care that non-believers come to saving faith in Christ. I want them to hear the message of the cross. They will hear that message through the outreach ministry of my church. That ministry has expenses (contributions to food bank, gas in the church van, tolls over a bridge, outreach pastor salary, etc.,). If those expenses are not paid for, the outreach ministry cannot complete its work. My tithing to the outreach ministry is critical to the message of Christ getting to that unknown person who needs to hear it. Similarly, a church is a place where Christians come to help one another grow and mature in their faith. The more believers grow, the more likely they are going to display the fruits of the Spirit and touch lives for Christ. The church has expenses (mortgage, utilities, printing, pastor's salaries, staff salaries, etc.,.) associated with their mission to strengthen the walk of believers. My tithing to the church is critical to the transformation of the people in the church. Father, I want to belong to a church where the leadership directly links tithing to the spiritual growth of believers and, eventually, to the effectiveness of outreach ministries. Father, I love the things You love and You love the broken and outcast people in the surrounding communities. I will show my love for them too by giving to the ministries that serve them. Amen.

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