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#325 - Tithing - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have $ 1,000 in the bank and $ 1,200 in bills to pay. Should I tithe? If I give You money I will not be able to pay my bills. Unpaid bills can lead to late fees and interest charges. There is a common-sense reason to not tithe money that is promised to someone else. Father, if I promised someone I'd give them $ 20 on Sunday afternoon, would You be pleased if I put that $ 20 in the offering plate Sunday morning and then have nothing to give that person later in the day? Your Word teaches us to be responsible for the commitments we make. A financial transaction is a commitment to pay and our godly integrity requires that we follow through on our commitment. On the other hand, Your Word also tells us that our generosity to the work of the Lord will be blessed. If I give You the $ 20 instead of the person I promised the money to, will You miraculously give me an another $ 20 after church? Will the person who I promised the money to say they don't need the money anymore? Father, I need Your wisdom about tithing when funds are tight. How do I do that? Do I refrain from tithing until a time when I have more money? Do I refrain from tithing until a time when I've paid off all my debts? Do I need to increase my income or cut back on my expenses so I have more money to tithe? Do I just go ahead and tithe and trust that You will raise additional funds for me to pay the people I owe money to? Can I do that and not worry? Tithing and then worrying about the bills because I gave money to the church is not what You want for me either. If I'm going to worry about the implications of my tithe, there is no point in tithing. Father, I need wisdom about how to simultaneously have faith in You, be generous to others, and be responsible to those I already promised to pay. Amen.

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