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#326 - Tithing - Part 3
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, is giving money the only way I can tithe? I simply have no money. I owe all kinds of people and I don't have enough income coming in. Father, it is said that time is money. Giving of our time can be considered the same as giving of our money. There are things I can do for my church with my time that substitutes for a tithe. Father, present those opportunities to me. Align my skills and expertise with things the church needs to get done that they would otherwise have to pay someone for. Give me the humility to approach the church leadership and ask them how I can help defray their expenses by rolling up my sleeves. Father, there are often people in our congregations who are lukewarm about ministry. They simply attend church as habit. They don't get involved. They don't serve. They don't tithe themselves, though they have the funds to do so. Father, I can serve my church by being an example of commitment to ministry. I can set an example. I can speak enthusiastically about serving the Lord. I can surrender my life to You and the Holy Spirit can dynamically transform me. I can be someone You use to light a fire in the hearts of my lukewarm brothers and sisters in Christ. The more I surrender my life to You, the more others in the church are likely to follow my lead. When they do, the church will benefit from both an increase in tithing and an increase in volunteering. I can give to my church by becoming a beacon of what a life looks like that has been committed to Your honor and glory. Father, help me to be an example in my church of genuine faith in You. Amen.

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