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#328 - Managing My Investments
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am going to a financial adviser who is managing my financial investments. I'm concerned that my money is being put to proper work and is yielding me the return I desire. However, what about Your investment in me? You have given me life. You have given me salvation. You have given me the Holy Spirit. You have given me gifts and talents. You have given me a calling to honor You by my life. You have given me dozens, if not hundreds, of people in my life to care for. Where is Your return on Your investment? Is my heart still rebelling from You? Do I still think I can live my own life, doing my own thing? Do I still doubt Your character? Do I still worship other things (like money)? Where are the fruits of the spirit? What lives am I touching? Where am I serving people in need? Where am I helping the poor and the sick? What prison am I visiting to minister to prisoners? Where is my testimony? Who have I shared it with? Who has heard from my lips the gospel of Jesus Christ? What individuals am I mentoring, coaching, and training in the faith? And I'm worried about my financial investments? Father, let's cut to the chase - You will not bless our financial investments if we are not working Your investment in us. Father, forgive me for my rebellion in the name of Your Son, Jesus. I surrender my life to You. I will care for the lost. The bonus? You will take care of my financial investments as You see fit. It is all Your money anyway. Amen.

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