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#331 - Donating Money to a Charity
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have been asked to donate money to a charity. I would like to but I'm having a few reservations. Can I afford it? I have a fixed and tight budget. I'm also concerned about the legitimacy of this charity. Do they change lives or is it just talk? How will they use the money I give to them? I understand that charities have administrative expenses. However, I have heard that as little as five percent of the donations go to the services delivered to people in need. I want the money I give to charities to go directly to the care of the needy. Father, giving to charity has a tax advantage. However, I don't want that to be my motivation for giving. I want to give because the charity is effectively doing Your work and they need financial support to keep it going. Father, I ask for Your guidance and direction, making it very clear whether I should donate money to this charity or not. If You lead me to give, I trust that You will take care of my personal finances because of my desire to be obedient to You. Amen.

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