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#34 - They Are Looking Down from Heaven - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, the court of heaven is holding a trial. Do humans think they are little gods? Your Honor, I submit this exhibit. Humans comfort each other by saying their deceased love one is watching over them in heaven. Does the deceased loved one become God? Are they now omniscient and omnipresent? Of course not. We will have new perfect bodies in paradise but we will not become You. Why do we tell each other such lies at the gravesite? We do this because we want to think we are our own gods. We think we are the all-powerful and all-knowing force in our world. It makes sense that when we die we think we will become the all-powerful and all-knowing force in our survivor's worlds. Father, a heart that mourns its rebellion from God understands that it will never be God and that their loved ones need the true God to watch over them once they have passed away. Father, give me a spirit that understands that I am not You nor will I ever be. Thank God. Amen.

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