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#347 - I Committed a Crime and I'm on the Run
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I committed a crime and I'm on the run from the law. This is hell. I can trust no one. Who will turn me in? I must lie to everyone about who I am, what I am doing, and where I am going. Are people going to catch on to my lies? Which lie did I say to which person? Will I contradict myself if I bump into a person again? What clues am I leaving behind? How do I cover my tracks? I must sleep in the shadows with one eye open. I must live with the guilt of my crime every minute of every day. Father, running from our rebellion from You is truly hell. I can try to avoid the charge that I live to be my own god but I cannot escape Your justice. No matter where I go or what I do, I turn and there You are, charging me with rebellion. Father, it is better to confess my crime to You. I am guilty, Father. I am guilty of rebellion. I can run no more. Whatever charge You have against me, I am guilty. I plead now for the mercy of the court of heaven - please forgive me. The court of heaven responds: Are You willing for Jesus Christ to take Your place and that the punishment You deserve will fall upon Him? Christ looks at me and says Say yes. I love You. I'll do this for You. I say "yes" and I am forgiven of my rebellion. I am free. I am no longer guilty. Father, spiritual freedom comes from confession of my rebellion and asking Jesus Christ to be punished for it, the very thing He wanted to do for me. Give me spiritual freedom by confessing my crime to the authorities. May I be blessed for confession and may the courts be lenient. Change my character into a model of Jesus Christ as I now experience the adversity of the authority of the law. Give me the spiritual freedom I long for so much. Amen.

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