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#358 - I Committed Fraud
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I showed no compassion, love, and kindness when I stole someone's money. I preyed on their innocence and their helplessness. I deceived them and got them to sign an agreement that turned over their money to me. I stole their identity and I used their accounts to purchase something. I counseled them to turn away from an opportunity that I knew was good because I intended to benefit from that opportunity myself. I pretended to be a charitable man or woman, soliciting donations for the needy, but I kept the money for myself. Father, my actions not only caused my victims financial and legal hardship, it also caused them emotional and spiritual distress, suffering from the trauma of being a victim. Father, this is not how You taught us to be in Your Word. You taught us to care for the poor. You taught us to secure justice for the oppressed. You taught us to protect the disadvantaged. You taught us to help the helpless. Father, forgive me of my deceit. I confess I have lived for my own satisfaction. I have been my own god. Forgive me of my rebellion. Help me surrender to You. Help me to give full restitution to my victims. Help me to help them put their lives back together. Father, I ask that You have mercy on them and that You do help them recover. As the Holy Spirit works in my heart, may I then become a champion for the innocent, doing everything I can to protect and defend them. Amen.

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