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#36 - My Funeral Arrangements
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, a day will come when I will die. I am aging or I have a terminal illness and the day is getting close. I could die suddenly, a victim of an accident or the victim of a crime. I could die due to an unforeseen medical condition. Father, as an act of love for my survivors, I need to prepare for my funeral. I have questions and I need answers. Burial or cremation? Service at graveside or church? A viewing? A memorial service? Visitation before the funeral? A reception? What pastor will officiate? What church? Who will be my pallbearers? Who will give eulogies? Who will pray, recite poems, or read readings? What will they read? What songs or hymns should be sung? Who should play music? Where should donations go to? Who needs to be notified of my passing and of the services? Who should I share these answers with? Father, how can my funeral glorify You? How can my funeral share the love of Christ to despairing people in attendance? Father, please give me the answers to these questions. I am asking for Your wisdom. One day I will come home to enjoy the embrace of my Creator. I will know joy like I've never known before. Amen.

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