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#360 - I Have Driven While Intoxicated
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, driving while intoxicated is a classic sign of rebellion from You. I am deciding I am my own god. I want what I want in life. I'm not getting it. I turn to alcohol and intoxication for escape from the disappointment. It is idolatry. I'm doubting Your ability to save me from whatever problems I have in life. I'm escaping from the trouble by getting drunk. I'm showing the absence of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, fruits such as love, kindness, and self-control. Father, get me to stay off the road when I'm drunk. Make me pass out before I leave the party. Take away my car keys. Break down my car. Help me to pull over to the side of the road. Steer people away from me. Do Your divine appointment thing by having someone be delayed a few minutes so that they don't pass me when I'm swerving into the other lane. Father, if necessary, to save a life, have the authorities arrest me. Get me into a treatment program. However, most importantly, help me to surrender my life to You. I am a rebel from You. I've gone my own way. I ask for forgiveness in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Transform my heart and mind. Give me the strength to deal with life's disappointments through godly mentors, counseling, prayer, and Your Word. Give me the strength to say no to alcohol. Get me into an effective and Christ-centered recovery program. I plead with You - don't let me take a life. Don't let me injure anyone for a lifetime. Stop me. Amen.

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