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#374 - Entertaining Guests - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I will be entertaining guests. I pray that their stay at my home will be a blessing to them. May they depart from my home refreshed and renewed. May they feel they have been loved. May they depart feeling that they have been the recipient of an abundance of compassion, grace, mercy, and generosity. May our home feel like a refuge to them, a place where they can feel the warmth of a kindred spirit. Father, may their bed be comfortable. May our food be filling and delicious, blessing their bodies. May their conversation with me be encouraging and inspiring to them. Father, give and serve. Give and serve. That is the mark of a godly person - a humble spirit of generosity and service. Make me this kind of person every day of my life. May people feel in my presence that they have encountered the love of God. May they long to reconnect with me because they feel so relaxed and at peace in my presence. They know they have no need for walls. They know they have no need for barriers. They can just be themselves in my company. Amen.

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