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#375 - Shopping
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am going shopping. I need things. I want something. I just want to get out of the house. I long for a change. Something new. I'm not going to find what I'm looking for. I never do. Nothing satisfies for long. I try it on and it disappoints. I bring it home and I want to take it back. What will other people think? Can I afford this? Ugh. I'm going to go back home. Father, shopping is a tiny vignette of life. We need. We want. We acquire. We are disappointed. Even if we enjoyed what we bought, the thrill will eventually fade. Ho hum. Yawn. I need another one. I need something different this time. Father, we are never satisfied with things. We never will be. We were made to long for one thing and one thing only - walking moment by moment with You. Everything else will disappoint. There is nothing we can buy, lease, mortgage, or borrow that can fulfill that longing deep in our heart for You. However, we have our rebellious nature. From the womb, we want to be our own god. We want the universe to orbit around us. We want people marvel at us when they see our new __________ (insert anything). We are one big mass of irony - we long for You but live for ourselves. Talk about dysfunction and brokenness. To mend the cracks, we go out and buy stuff, which only creates more and more cracks. Father, I do need to buy things. I would like to enjoy a few things. However, may I make purchases with a heart that understands nothing matters but my relationship with You. May I understand that my value and security come from You alone. If I truly feel that way, I will then be able to enjoy my purchases because they are disconnected from my sense of value and security. Amen.

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