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#390 - The Graduation Ceremony
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we are attending our child's graduation ceremony. High school. College. Father, it is no doubt a major achievement. Over a decade of doing homework, passing tests, writing papers, and completing projects dating back to kindergarten. Our child could have wilted under the stress and quit school. Instead, they persevered and I'm thankful that we get to take photos with him or her, in their graduation garb, celebrating their perseverance. However, it is also a time of speeches by school board members, school administrators, teachers, guest speakers, class representatives, and the top students in the school. Father, unless my child went to a Christian school, we are going to hear the same old script. Be who you are. you are wonderful. Chase your dreams. Don't give up. Try your best. Love others. Father, while those sentiments appear nice on the surface, they are really a call to rebellion. Be your own god. Do what you want to do. Don't let anybody - god or man - tell you what to do. You are at the center of your universe. Live that way. Father, we can never be who we were meant to be if we rebel from You. We can never accomplish our dreams if our dreams are not in Your will. Our effort to work hard and be our best is wasted if You are against what we are doing. Father, I pray for a graduation speech that calls each student to confess their rebellion and surrender their life to You. I pray for a graduation speech where the students are instructed in what is the mark of a godly character. I pray for a graduation speech where the students are challenged to do what God has called them to do. Father, my child is unlikely to hear that speech tonight. We live in a politically correct culture that is horrified by words of faith in the public arena. Therefore, help us as we, his or her parents, share the right graduation message with our child in private. Amen.

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