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#391 - Going on Vacation
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am going on vacation. It is a much-needed vacation. I have worked hard for a very long time. I have worked late into the night every night for what seems like years. I have persevered through a long season of adversity. Father, I am exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have become short-tempered, impatient, self-centered, and extra sensitive. I'm finding it hard to control my thoughts and emotions. I'm more inclined to speak and act without thinking. Father, Your Word commands us to rest one day a week. It is an acknowledgement that we are not god. We need rest. We need to disengage from work for a day each week. We also need to go on an extended vacation from time to time. We need to get our mind off our work. We need to spend quality time with the family. However, most importantly, we need to recharge our batteries with You. We need to take time to evaluate our spiritual condition. Are we trying to do things by our own strength? Are we doubting God's capacity to deliver? Are we wanting other things more than we want You? Are we loving You with all our heart, soul, and mind? Are we loving other people because You love them? A vacation is a time to confess and repent of our rebellion from You. It is a time to surrender our lives to You. It is the time for the study of Your Word and to talk with You at length about our life. Father, I ask for traveling mercies on this vacation. I ask for pleasant weather. I ask for the creation of wonderful memories with my family. I ask that my body and mind will be refreshed, enabling me to return to work with the strength to pursue excellence. However, I ask that the number one blessing of this vacation is that I will come home from it a man or woman deeply committed to You. Amen.

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