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#392 - I'm an Athlete
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am an athlete. I train. I compete. I train and compete some more. I've worked hard to get my body into top physical shape. Your Word speaks of an athlete competing to win the race. Being an athlete in top physical shape requires perseverance. Father, You love perseverance. Your Word praises that character trait. I'm pleased that I have shown a great deal of perseverance getting into competitive condition. I've pushed my body far more than I ever thought I could endure. I've pushed my body long after I wanted to quit. However, I know that the ability to persevere in my life was not simply to win a physical race. It was to win a spiritual race - to surrender my life to You. Father, there are so many temptations to quit in our spiritual life. There is a lot of pain getting into spiritual shape. Adversity. Suffering. Refinement. We must persevere to become the people You want us to be. We must persevere in our faith, never ever giving up on You, no matter how hard life has become. We cannot ever give up on the belief that You are good. Father, help me to now apply the perseverance I have already learned as an athlete to my spiritual life. Make me a spiritual athlete who the angels of heaven cheer on. I want to become a man or woman after Your own heart. Let the training begin. Amen.

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