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#400 - It's Their Birthday
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, what would we do without the greeting card industry? Happy Birthday. Father, it can seem so disingenuous. Do I really want them to have a happy birthday? If I did, wouldn't I tell them how special their birthday is to You? Wouldn't I tell them how they were created uniquely unlike anyone else in the history of the world? Wouldn't I encourage them about the depths of Your love for them, that You went so far as to send Your Son to die on the cross for their rebellion? Wouldn't I encourage them to surrender their lives to You so that they might enjoy the blessings of the work of the Holy Spirit? Wouldn't I encourage them that they have great value for all of us and much to contribute to our world? Wouldn't I encourage them that You will see them through whatever trouble they have in life? Happy birthday is far more than a greeting card. It is the opportunity to let someone know how precious they are in Your eyes. Father, someone's birthday is a reminder that we have a responsibility to uplift and encourage that person at least once a year - if not every day. Amen.

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