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#404 - I'm Moving into a New House
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am moving into a new house in a new neighborhood in a new community. What will I be saying six months from now? A year from now? "This is a cold place. Nobody cares about You. Our neighbors never welcomed us. They never introduced themselves to us." Father, it is my responsibility to reach out to others and not the other way around. I am here to serve and not be served. My neighbors here, there, and everywhere are insecure, broken, hurting, confused, and lost. They are going through adversity. They are wondering where You are. I move into their neighborhood and I ignore them? I never introduce myself to them? Father, I'm in this life for the people who are hurting around me. Thank You for my new home. It's nice. It's functional. It does what I need it to do. Now, get me out into my community. Get me talking to my neighbors. Get me involved in local churches. Get me involved in local organizations. Father, tell me to go to local football games and sit in the stands. Just get me out of this new house and have me meet people. Do Your divine appointment thing and bring into my life people who need the love that You have given me the capacity to give. Amen.

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