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#405 - We're Going Out to Eat
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we are going out to eat. We do this without thinking. We choose restaurants randomly. "How about we do Chinese?" We arrive at the restaurant only to discover the person behind the counter looks like they are on the verge of tears. We wonder what is wrong with them. It's hard not to stare. Our heart goes out to them. We get our food and sit down in a booth. We can overhear the conversation of the people sitting in the booth next to us. There is a rumor that this restaurant is closing. Rumor has it that there was a tragedy in the family and they can't keep the restaurant open. Father, our seemingly random decision to choose this Chinese restaurant was a calling for us to pray for people in need. This was no accident. You directed us to this restaurant at this hour. This is our mission field this evening. Can we pray for them right here and now? Do we dare even ask the staff if there is anything we can pray about? Father, show us why You put us in this place now and revealed to us how these people are hurting. There is a reason for this. What do we do? Tell us. Father, may we never think again that anything we do is random or insignificant. Amen.

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