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#409 - Extreme Sports
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I love extreme sports. Powerboat racing. Air racing. Gliding. Motorcycle racing. Motocross. Windsurfing. Skiing. Snowboarding. Parachuting. Mountain biking. Give me speed on the edge of disaster and I am there. I want there to be a thread standing between ecstasy and disaster. A few broken bones only add to the thrill. Father, I believe You've made me this way. There is something about me that is willing to take a risk and to live on the edge. The problem is that it is misdirected. Extreme sports are not challenging enough. Father, there is a battle going on in the spirit world. The forces of God versus the forces of evil. The devil is at war with You, with Your Son, Jesus Christ, and with everyone who calls upon Your name. The armies of heaven versus the armies of hell. One army fights with the weapons of love and compassion. The other fights with the spilling of blood and the shedding of tears. Love is victorious. Love will always be victorious. However, the battle is fierce. The frontlines are the streets where life is hell. The frontlines are full of risk of persecution and martyrdom. Father, I want to live on the edge. I want to be a soldier in Your army. I want to confront evil everywhere I see it. It will be fast. It will be dangerous. I will get hurt. My bones will be broken. I may even lose my life. Father, get me out there telling Your story to the most hardened people. Get me out there putting bandages on hurting people with spiritual warfare bombs exploding around me. I want to be exhausted, worn out, bruised, and beaten. Extreme sacrifice for the Lord. That's where the real courage is. Jumping off a cliff is nothing in comparison. Amen.

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