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#410 - Watching a Movie or Television Show
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am watching a movie or television show and the thought occurs to me that I need to be more careful in life. How strong do I think I am? Do I lack vulnerability? Is there not any weakness in my life? Do I not need any walls or defenses to protect my character? Is it impossible for me to be persuaded and influenced by what others do or say? Do I have control of my subconscious thoughts? Father, part of human rebellion is to think that we can handle anything. We can put ourselves in any circumstance and we will not be changed by it. We are gods. The reality is that we are susceptible to the power of persuasion and the subtleness of suggestion. I may reject someone who directly tells me to cheat on my spouse. However, if I see stories on television and in film of spousal cheating, I might subtly conclude that I could cheat on my spouse and there will be no ramifications. Father, television and film have as much influence on our values and character as do Sunday School teachers, godly public-school teachers, pastors, mentors, coaches, parents, and friends. Who are we letting influence us? Hollywood producers, directors, scriptwriters, and actors? If we needed advice, would we email a Hollywood celebrity? Would we look for a film or sitcom to watch? No. Why then do we allow our subconscious thoughts to be influenced by those very same people? Father, there are the occasional good films, documentaries, and television shows. Help me to find the productions to watch that show favorable illustrations of living with a godly heart. Help me to be responsible and to not watch all the garbage that is designed to serve my rebellion from You. Better yet, help me turn off the TV, find a good book, or talk to a friend on the phone. Amen.

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