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#412 - Traveling Across America
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I will be traveling across America. Business. Vacation. Retirement. I will be visiting the rocky coast and charming fishing villages of New England, the home of prestigious universities. I will be visiting the Mid-Atlantic, including the I-95 corridor of New York through Washington DC, the center of US commerce and government. I will be visiting the Southern states where the hospitable population hold to traditional values. I will be visiting the Mid-West, the bread basket of America and the world. I will be visiting the Southwest, with its Spanish and Native American cultural influences. Finally, I will be visiting the West, a more progressive-minded region rich in information technology and culture. Father, I pray for safety as I travel. I pray that You will accompany me on the trip, guiding me, providing for me, and protecting me. I pray that You enable me to enjoy the splendor of every region. I pray that You have arranged divine appointments, people that I will meet and befriend in every state and major city. I pray that You will help me to understand the heart and desire of the people in every region. I pray that I will touch lives as I travel, showing the fruit of love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, self-control, patience, and kindness. Father, through these travels, help me to learn how Your church can be revived in this land. Help me to show the people I meet that You are the center of all that I do, think, and say. Amen.

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