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#48 - A Personal Relationship with "Daddy"
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I want to thank You for the personal relationship I have with You. I feel Your presence in my life. I experience Your comfort and love. I've heard Your voice, a voice that whispers in my thoughts and leads me by the hand through the circumstances of my life. I've experienced far too many coincidences not to see a pattern that suggests design. You are executing a plan for my life. There is evidence in my life of a master teacher. He knows exactly how I need to grow and brings into my life the lessons I need to experience for that growth. On numerous occasions, I have heard an incredibly timely word from a friend or stranger. They spoke just what I needed to hear to address the thoughts in my head. I am the beneficiary of incredibly timed acts of generosity by others. Father, I thank You for having a personal relationship with me. I thank You that You are engaged and involved in my life. I thank You that I can call You my daddy. Father, I ask that I trust You as a little child trusts his father. No fear. My daddy will take care of me. I'm safe. I'm secure. I'll have everything I need. Father, give me more childlike faith in You. Please be my daddy. Amen.

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