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#49 - Why Should I Adore Jesus Christ?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I need to deeply love Jesus Christ. I need to adore Him. There should be that look on my face when His name is brought up, that beaming countenance when someone is in love. I should be bursting at the seams to tell everyone I know of my love for Him. He was courageous, moving forward knowing the purpose of His life was to die on a cross. He was a man of honor, never doing or saying anything He would later regret. He was resilient, perse- vering through many attacks by His enemies. He was a man of integrity. He was transparent, faithful, devoted, truthful, honest, sincere, and righteous. He never tried to make a good impression. He was a man of strength. He literally carried the weight of the brokenness of the entire human race on His back. He offered tender selfless and unconditional love. He was incapable of hurting others. He loved the innocent and the hurting. He was meek. He could have called upon the armies of heaven to defend His honor. However, He turned His cheek. He knew who He was and He didn't have to defend Himself. He walked the earth to serve everyone else. He absolutely adored His Father in heaven. There has never been a human who has loved You like He did. He lived to do Your will. He was obedient and faithful to the desires of the Father He cherished. He was a man of sacrifice. He sacrificed His earthly career. He sacrificed opportunity for an earthly kingdom. He sacrificed the glory and the pleasures this world offered to Him. He sacrificed His eternal glory. All of this so He could sacrifice His life on the cross. He was the Son of God, the Savior of the world. Father, help me to love and adore Him and may other people see that love on my face. Amen.

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