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#56 - Help Me Feel Loved by You
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there are many moments when I just don't feel lovable. Not by my family. Not by my friends. Not even by You. Father, my enemy loves it when I feel unloved. My enemy whispers in my ear that You don't love me. He likes to list every hardship I've had in life and tell me that they are signs of Your disapproval of me. God doesn't love You. Remember the time You grieved the loss of a friend? Remember the time You were in great physical pain? Remember the time You didn't have a dime in Your pocket? Those are all signs that God doesn't love You. He was torturing You. He was punishing You. Give up. God hates You. Father, I am weak. I am a mere mortal. I cannot fight on my own the dark spirits that are driven to deceive me into believing You are unloving. They are stronger than I. If I don't have Your strength and Your help fighting them, I'm going to end up believing You are unloving. Father, give me an unquenchable hunger for Your Word. Open the pages of Scripture for me to see Your unfathomable love for me. Make me a man or woman of prayer, continuously asking You to help me believe that You are the God of incredible love. Father, help me feel loved by You. Amen.

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