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#55 - What You Aren't Worried About
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, You are not worried about what humans think or say about You. You are not insecure and You will have the final word. You are not worried about injustice. You will serve justice to every human who has ever lived. You are not worried about what man is plotting against You, whether they be godless armies or atheists writing a book trying to prove You don't exist. You are sovereign and You will prove Your point. Father, if I understand what You aren't worried about, I will have plenty of reason not to worry about things myself. You are God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth. The vast universe is Your footstool. You control nature, nations, governments, organizations, relationships, and people. If God is for me, who can be against me? What can man do to me? You are for me when I surrender my life to You, trust in Your character, and serve You only. You want a man or woman like that to touch people's lives. You want to prove that those who acknowledge You will be blessed. Father, I surrender my life to You. You are God and I am not. Now, take away my worry. I have nothing to worry about because You are who You are. Amen.

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