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#54 - Evil is Whispering in my Ear
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Your word makes it clear that there is evil and there is a devil. Lucifer. Satan. He was the angel who wanted to be god. Our culture laughs at the idea of his existence. Only a fool believes in the little guy in the red suit, horns, and tail. The idea of the devil is so ridiculous to us that we lampoon him and anyone who believes in him. There is nothing the evil one wants more than for us to believe he doesn't exist. He wants the idea of his existence to be mocked, satirized, and caricatured. He does his work in the shadows. He does his work by a whisper. The temptation is subtle. Quiet. He doesn't leave a footprint or a fingerprint. He creeps around in obscurity, hoping to go unnoticed. We mistake his whispers for our own logic and reasoning. He enjoys Hollywood slasher movies, painting him as an in-Your-face grotesque alien glob of goo. People expect that he will appear as a monster in their lives. When theydon't see any monster with a pitchfork knocking at the front door, they feel safe and let down their guard. That is when he whispers in their ear: "Be Your own god. God is not who he says he is. You really need fame, fortune, wealth, possessions, and power." Father, I confess the devil exists. I confess he is real and active in this world, trying to deprive You of a relationship with as many people as possible. Father, help me to become more aware of his deceptions. Father, may I be more willing to blame him for the evils in this world so that I can be more aware of his whispers in my ear. Father, protect me from him. Defeat his intentions in my life. May my life be one huge frustrating disappointment for him. May he give up, aware that You are too powerful in my life. Amen.

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