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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
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#60 - Fears, Flying, and Roller Coasters
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, a person afraid of flying can never claim to have overcome that fear until they get on an airplane. People can claim they no longer have the fear of public speaking but they have no credibility until they speak in front of an audience. They can claim they no longer have fears of being without money but they have no credibility saying so until their bank accounts are empty. They can say they have overcome their fears in relationships but they have no credibility until they take the risk to be hurt in relationships. Father, Your purpose is that we trust You during our fears. If You eliminate our fears, why should we trust You? Father, You will use our fears to help us see that You can be trusted even in the scariest horror-film script situation in our lives. Father, let's say I am afraid of roller coasters. You are going to buy two tickets for the roller coaster, one for yourself and one for me. You are going to take my hand, climb into the roller coaster with me, and buckle me in. You will be with me as the roller coaster speeds along the track. When we face problems in our lives, with fears running amok, we can be certain that You will never plan the easy way out for us. You will never choose a course for us where our fears remain entrenched and we merely avoid things we are afraid of. Your solution for us is for whatever scares us the most to head right for us. You will go for the ride with us and when the ride is over, we'll thank You for disarming our fears. Father, please help me not to be fearful of anything. You are my God. Why should I be afraid? If I am afraid, please help me to overcome that fear, to realize it was never as bad as I thought it would be because You were by my side. Amen.

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