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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
72Stories, Gramazin Prayers for the World


#61 - God's Refrigerator Door
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, many humans struggle with perfectionism. We believe we must do and say things just right. We look at others and believe their work is superior to ours. We believe our lives are so messed up that You are ashamed of us. However, that is not who You are. You are the God who delights in Your imperfect children. You take our scribblings and put them on Your refrigerator. You are the proud papa. "That's my boy. That's my girl." It's not what we accomplish that You delight in. It's that we are Your children. Period. As children trusting in our eternal Father, we want to give You a picture we drew in crayon or magic marker. You love it because we are Your children. Anyone can be Your child who is willing to humble themselves before You, confess their rebellion, and repent. You will not reject the pictures Your children draw as they seek Your help to overcome addiction, incarceration, divorce, or anything else that they are ashamed of. You love Your children who are trusting You to help them grow and mature. Thank You that my drawings hang on Your refrigerator. Amen.

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